The Real Challenge the Toughest Abs Exercises

Abs routines are a challenge for for many, but like any muscle area a constant increase in difficulty is needed to achieve the perfect abs.

The following 11 Abs exercises constitute the ultimate challenge that even many pros have difficulties to perform.


  1. Decline Bench Leg Raise


Using an angled bench, lie on your back with your head elevated and your feet low, while using ankle weights recommended 1 to 5 kg. Grab and hold on to the bench behind your head while keeping your legs straight. Now raise your legs up and towards the ceiling, until your body reaches a vertical position, while resting on your upper traps. Next, slowly lower your legs and body back down, as one unite.

This exercise demands enough upper body strength and core strength to perform and to attain a ceiling upward position and to lower without haste.

  1. TRX Oblique Crunch


To add a special challenge this exercise turns the regular TRX crunch side ways.

Start by placing your feet into the handles of the TRX and position yourself sideways, while resting on your forearm. Adjust your feet, while in the TRX handles, so that one foot is above the other and place our free hand behind your head.

Next, pull your knees towards your chest, while moving the free elbow towards your hip.

Now return slowly into start position without haste and losing control, while preserving your plank height.

This exercise combines the effects of side planks with crunching.


  1. Suspended Sit-ups


For this exercise you will need a decline abs bench. Lock your feet in position on top of the bench. Now, while bending from the hip, lift your body up from the bench, so that your entire body above the knees is suspended in the air.

After reaching this position you can perform crunches, side crunches and other abs targeted exercises while keeping the original suspended position.


  1. Yoke / Barbell Walks


 Yoke and Barbell walks combine total body exercises with abs exercises.

 Start by using a yoke or barbell bar, with your choice of weights and place it across your upper back, as if you would perform high-bar squats.

Next start walking through the exercise area, while keeping the loaded bar in position.

The higher the weight load the more effect will be on the abs.


  1. Hanging Dragonflies


 If you have tried dragon fly exercises, you know they are not easy, now try to perform them on a pull-up bar.

Begin, with hanging from a pull-up bar.

Next, raise your legs up, while lifting your toes as high as possible over your head.

This is followed by extending one’s leg out back in front of the torso, while being in a suspended reverse planche position and then slowly lower back into the beginning position.

It is important to watch one’s grip so not to perform a crash landing.


  1. Wrestler Planks


 Wrestler planks offer a new challenge by eliminating arms out of the exercise.

This exercise is performed by supporting the body weight with one’s feet and the forehead.

Brace down by your core without rolling the head and maintain a stable position.

All these exercises are to be performed with caution. It is important to first find the right position and to slowly get the hang of it before rushing to increase one’s repetition’s.

Best to have a friend assist and stand guard.