We are CCLIFE HOME, we manufacture a range of high quality German lighting, BBQ, Barhocker, Festival especially Christmas decoration equipment and garden products for European home lover. We are a team of German engineers, products experts and home lover team who want to offer the best possible home using equipment themselves at an affordable price. With our fashion and high quality equipment, we help you decorate your home comfortable. No matter whether you are a newlyweds, deco-expert or just a person who wants to make your home better.

CCLIFE HOME products, either of low quality and affordable, or of high quality and extremely expensive. At some point, companies convinced us that there is no middle ground that you either empty your wallet, buy expensive equipment, or sacrifice quality and buy dangerous, cheaply manufactured home supplies. We are here to tell you that this does not have to be the case. CCLIFE HOME delivers high-quality products (developed, manufactured in Germany) at an affordable price? How do we do it Learn more about it.

We are here for the husband from Frankfurt, who, at 45, made the conscious decision to change his lifestyle and finally get starting change his house and make it more comfortable, as he had promised his wife ten years ago. We are here for the new father at the age of 40, who wants to live high quality life with his newborn son and who should be able to do all the father-son activities that a man will do with his in 5 years Son and his son should do 10 and 20 years.

What we say is CCLIFE HOME is there for YOU, your comfortable, safe, fashion living space starts here.