What To Avoid When Working Out In Summer

The summer has started and we start transforming our good intentions into actions.
In order to optimize one’s workout and reduce unwanted side effects, CCLIFE offers some tips of what not to do when working out outside.
1.Choose the right workout gear
No matter if you are planing to jog, run cross or have a complete workout schedule, it is always important to wear good footwear, which protects your knees and to be aware of the temperatures outside.
Check your gear before you embark.
2.Don’t be scarce with water
At the beginning of summer, most people are used to fitness center conditions with stable temperatures and abundance of drinking water.
When one starts to do workout outside, one has to keep in mind that the conditions have changed. Therefore, it is important not to wait until one is parched but to have a regular water intake and to adjust and prepare the amount of water for one’s exercise to each day’s changing outside conditions.
Don’t drink too much each time but drink often, to avoid dehydration when being outside.
Exercising outside can be a lonely endeavor unless one prearranges workout partners. In a fitness center one is surrounded by fellow workout creatures but on the trail outside, one can be all alone. Not only as a precaution but also to increase enjoyment and perseverance, one should have an exercise buddy.
But be cautious about making this buddy your home pet.
Outside conditions can be very harmful for man‘s best friend, especially on long runs with high temperatures.
4.Be prepared
When working outside, one should not forget to have a pre exercise checklist.
What does the weather forecast predict?
Are the phone and the music player device fully charged?
Does one have enough provisions, like water and an energy bar?
Pre exercise preparation is essential because they guarantee that one does not encounter unwanted surprises.
When switching from indoor to outdoor exercises, it is important that one is aware of one’s surroundings.
Especially in summer, it is important to apply enough and waterproof sun creme, which are suitable for workout and to protect one‘s head and eyes from the sunshine.
A lack of protection can lead to unwanted side effects. And when it comes to exercise, repetition is the key not one run a week plus heatstroke and sunburn.
So again be prepared.
6.Too high demands
When switching from indoor to outdoor workout, one should keep in mind that the outdoor changing conditions will effect one’s workout performance. How fast one runs a mile or how many exercises one can complete in a set of time can differ in an outdoor setting.
It is important to gradually adjust oneself and not over pressure and over do the first exercises outdoors.
Fun is an important part in working out, therefore, keeping a balance between goals, calories and fun is essential to an effective workout plan.
7.Safety and keeping thing balanced
Everyone works out for different reasons. Some for the beach figure, some to improve the figure line but it is important not to ignore signs of fatigue, exhaustion and discomfort.
Repetition is the key as well as a gradual increase in the workout challenge.
It is not only harmful but also dangerous to push oneself to the limits to increase short term results.
A clear work out program that allows the body to adjust to new conditions and preserves the fun factor is a major part of working out.
Blisters, sunburns and heatstroke's not only stop the continuous workout program but also delay the development of workout habits and long term gains.
So don’t over do it. There is each following day to achieve one’s goals and having regular exercise is more efficient than one day a week with complete exhaustion and pain.