CCLIFE HOME Crystal Lamps

The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna has brilliant gold coins. In the ancient times, the luxury of the nobles lived in front of them. A string of gorgeous crystal lights and the combination of light and shadow in the golden hall made this Schönbrunn palace look crystal clear, sparkling. Behind the beauty, How many stories people don't know have just gotten his glory today.

CCLIFE HOME provides our high-quality crystal lighting for you who love life, and decorate your home with luxurious and warm elements. At each moment, the crystal ball is carefully selected, perfectly polished and has more than 60 refracting surfaces, so that each beam of light shining into the crystal ball can be emitted from 60 directions, and full your home. According to the purpose of different rooms, our designers have designed different crystal lights. Whether it is an atmosphere like a waterfall or a simple like a spring, you can always find one and suits your room.